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Where a proofed read is a good read.

I especially love that you always give places where you feel more is needed, but also add a sentence or two of exact wording ideas. This is so appreciated because it makes it crystal clear exactly what you are going for and I know it is above and beyond what other editors do.​

 Mia Sheridan - USA Today and New York Times Bestselling Author 

As an avid reader of a broad range of genre, what could be better than spending days and nights within cleverly written and creative words? 

Making Manuscripts was born in 2013 when three established authors requested I offer content development to their previously published and soon-to-be-published books.

This morphed into line and copy editing soon after. It has been an incredibly humbling and wonderful experience to provide the behind-the-scenes tweaks, polish, and shine on many books since.

Within every editing service I offer, I aim to be the author's cheerleader as they create, by offering encouraging, honest, and insightful input laced with good humor and integrity. I want authors to feel supported and cushioned in the often tumultuous ride of writing and editing. ​​

My aim is quite simple. 
To work alongside authors to help build enthralling stories,
and to ensure their readers stay captivated rather than be distracted by avoidable editing blips.