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I especially love that you always give places where you feel more is needed, but also add a sentence or two of exact wording ideas. This is so appreciated because it makes it crystal clear exactly what you are going for and I KNOW it is above and beyond what other editors do.

NYT Best Selling Author and USA Today Author - Mia Sheridan



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Kyland - Mia Sheridan - 2015

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I know there’s nothing more frustrating than stumbling over errors that detract from a story.  I offer a broad range of services, designed to provide assistance in story, composition and/or line editing. 

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 Having spent many years reading and then reviewing, Ruth Cardello, New York Times and USA Today Best Selling Author, asked me to join her beta reading team.

That's where it all began.


Marion from Making Manuscripts is a genius editor. Her keen eye and understanding of plot make her indispensable to this author. 

-  Raine Miller, New York Times Best Selling Author of the Blackstone Affair.   




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