If I had to say what you provided as a service, it would be a second pair of eyes with 20/20 vision. 

Colleen Hoover - #1 New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author

Line & Copyediting

$14.50/1000 words up to 90,000 words

$17.50/1000 words 90,001 words up

Line and copyediting as a combined service is about ensuring sentences are coherent, clear, and consistent with the tone and mood of the book. It's about improving style and accuracy. It involves fact-checking and often restructuring and rewording sentences or paragraphs. Sometimes, it's about ensuring a character doesn't have three hands . . . especially during sex scenes. I'll check for and correct punctuation and spelling errors, mixed tense, incorrect word usage, speech tags, and other easily missed errors. I'll note awkward phrasing, passive voice, "tell" rather than "show," repetitive word choices or phrases, timeline and character inconsistencies. 


​Although I cannot provide specific timeframes here, projected word count will dictate the time allocated in my diary. 

​​Content Editing with in-manuscript commentary

$10.50/1000 words up to 90,000 words

$12.50/1000 words 90,001 words up 

This service provides very detailed analysis and content commentary without line or copyediting. Notes and reactions will be within the document, with focused attention on character development and consistency, dialogue, internal thought, story arc and flow, plausibility, and strengths and weaknesses to build your story. A concise and detailed editorial letter is supplied in addition to the notes within the manuscript via email. Additional read-throughs are provided with an extra charge. 

​Although I cannot provide specific timeframes here, projected word count will dictate the time allocated in my diary. 
Once dates are confirmed, late and cancellation fees may apply. 

Developmental Editing

​$16.50/1000 words up to 90,000 words​ 

$19.50/1000 words 90,001 words to 115,000 words

$22.50/1000 words 115,001 words up 

Developmental editing is a very intensive edit and includes two reads. The initial read focuses on the story and line edits, the second, a thorough copyedit in addition to reviewing story/plot revisions. Within the manuscript, I'll note my reactions and thoughts of the storytelling, story, plot, and character arcs as I go, identifying strengths and weaknesses, providing helpful and respectful input and suggestions on how elements/scenes could grow and/or develop. I'll identify and note awkward phrasing, plot holes, plausibility, timeline and character inconsistencies, passive voice, pacing and story continuity, narrative vs dialogue, and word usage (including repetition). I'll review dialogue, internal thought, and actions, ensuring they stay true to the characters and syntax. I'll check for and automatically correct any punctuation and spelling errors, mixed tenses, incorrect usage of commas, semicolons, speech tags, and other small, easily missed errors. As this is done within your manuscript, you have the ability to accept/decline as you go. I also provide an editorial letter—detailed, overall thoughts via email. Or emails . . . :-) 

Although I cannot provide specific timeframes here, projected word count will dictate the time allocated in my diary.

Once dates are confirmed, late and cancellation fees may apply.

This service provides initial line and copy edits. If you don't have a second editor for proofreading, ask me about my Ultra Service that includes an independent final-eyes proofread. I strongly urge this next step.

One set of eyes will never catch errors, and your hard work and effort deserves to shine.

Additional Comments

I thank you in advance for considering Making Manuscripts for your upcoming novel. I am detail oriented and will take great care with your work, respecting the boundaries within which you wish me to work. I work in both British English and American English. 

Being an avid reader, and with more than eight years editing experience, I have gained a keen eye as to what works and what doesn't. It is this experience and intuition I bring to the table as a content, line, and copyeditor. I will only ever provide respectfully honest feedback, and try to ensure your experience is fun, stress free, and rewarding. Services can be upgraded should we both believe it beneficial, and if time permits. 

My aim is to work closely with you, providing constant communication and feedback, as opposed to a quick fix. Please therefore allow the time to prepare your work so it is as error free as possible. To determine timeframes, I consider release dates, promotional time, and editing time required per read from anticipated word count. Please allow for extra time should your word count increase from booked word count.

I do book in advance, according to the needs of each author. Rescheduling does occur, as life happens, and I will always attempt to find new dates to suit those changes. Please be courteous and mindful of my time booked for you and for others. 

Once dates are confirmed, a contract is issued with signatures required. 

A $50 deposit is required to hold the calendar date.  

A 50% deposit of initial word count must be paid before work will commence. 

A cancellation fee of 50% of the projected word length will be charged if a manuscript booking

is cancelled without 30 days' notice.

I will make every effort to complete your work if it is received late,

but cannot promise to complete it within your scheduled timeframe as priority is given to on-time clients.

An additional $3.50/1000 words Rush Fee is applicable on documents where ample editing time hasn't been scheduled. 

I strongly urge the use of a copyeditor and proofreader after my developmental service. 

I require Microsoft Word for Developmental Editing, Content Editing with in-manuscript Commentary, Line and Copyediting services. I refer to numerous online dictionaries - including Oxford Dictionary, The New American Oxford Dictionary, US Merriam-Webster Dictionary and to the Chicago Manual of Style for style rules, grammar, and punctuation. I use PayPal for payment, and invoice according to word count. 

I look forward to hearing from you, and even more so, I look forward to the opportunity of working with you.  I am ready to help in any way I can, and am sure we will enjoy the fun of the journey as we go.